Hillcrest Road ‘death trap waiting for a serious accident’

by Rebecca Ryan
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Photo of lack of space on Hillcrest Road

Hillcrest Road is a death trap waiting for a serious accident, according to a local councillor.

Concerns have been raised at a public meeting in Sandyford Community Centre this week about the Sandyford road.

Among the concerns are speeding, breaches of the three-tonne limit, health and safety concerns for pedestrians on the footpaths and using the crossings. Locals also fear that if the road is going to be widened and footpaths installed, that it could take ten years “based on the Blackglen Road experience.”

Local councillor Chris Curran (SF) said the council need to do more. “I believe that the council are not taking this seriously enough.

“They presented figures that suggested that the speeds were safe. But sometimes your eye can tell you more.

“The road is not wide enough for two vehicles and it would only take one vehicle driving out of control to cause catastrophe.”

Local Councillor Lettie Mc Carthy (LAB) said: “I completely understand parents not allowing their children walk or cycle here and I feel for the Postman who has near misses on a daily basis, simply doing his job.

“My request earlier this year to have SLOW signs reinstated were carried out, and Council Road Engineers are well aware of my interest in progressing the widening of Hillcrest Road as a matter of urgency.”

A spokesperson for the Council told Dublin Gazette:

“Hillcrest Road has been identified as lacking in facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, and hence is listed as a Six-Year Road objective in the 2016-2022 County Development Plan.

“A scheme will require the acquisition of adjoining land to provide space for improved footpaths and cycle facilities. However, funding for the improvement of Hillcrest Road is not included in the current Capital Projects Programme 2018-2020.

“A small section of Hillcrest Road at the junction of Lamb’s Cross is included in the Blackglen Road Improvement Scheme which is currently with An Bord Pleanála for assessment of the CPO.”


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