Death trap road needs urgent action

by Rebecca Ryan
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Fed up residents of Hillcrest Road Sandyford are planning a protest next Thursday morning due to major safety concerns of the road.

The road, which is a regular walking route for many school children, is extremely narrow and residents have reported that wing mirrors have hit of pedestrians while walking on the stretch.

Local area representative Deirdre Ní Fhloinn (GP) told Dublin Gazette that a motion was passed in December calling for a safety audit, but she said the council is refusing to carry out the audit.

“It is unacceptable that the council is refusing to take meaningful action to improve the safety of Hillcrest Road, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists.

“Residents regularly find broken wing mirrors on the road and footpath. The footpath is very narrow and essentially requires people to walk in single file, so children travelling to and from school are at particular risk.

“It is essential that a safety audit be carried out now and traffic calming measures considered and implemented in accordance with the motion that was passed by the councillors in 2018,” said Ms Ní Fhloinn.

Resident and community campaigner Noel Keating told Dublin Gazette the issue has been a battle for over 20 years.

“The decision by residents of Hillcrest Road and Environs to arrange a series of protests was not taken lightly.

“Safety concerns of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists have been communicated to the council for over 20 years.

“We appeal to the Council to conduct a Safety Audit of Hillcrest Road and immediately install appropriate safety and traffic calming measures based on the findings, pending long term plans,” said Mr Keating.

Deputy Leader of the Green Party Catherine Martin said the council needs to address the matter urgently. “The community in Sandyford have been ignored for decades on this issue when it comes to the safety issues on Hillcrest Road.

“As a very narrow road with a 50km/h speed limit, pedestrians and cyclists have to deal with cars travelling, while local residents have on multiple occasions had to deal with their wing mirrors being knocked off or being hit by wing mirrors as pedestrians.

“The entire situation is made even more worrying by the fact that this is regular walking route for many school children.

“The danger for children, residents and commuters needs to be addressed by the Council as a matter of urgency. The local community cannot wait around for a tragedy to happen before anyone sits up to take notice and action.”

A spokesperson for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council said: “The Council Traffic Section is aware of inconsiderate behaviour by some drivers travelling along Hillcrest Road, Sandyford, and has brought the matter to the attention of the gardaí.

“The Traffic Section has installed a 3 tonne Restriction Limit on Hillcrest Road, as well as ‘Caution – Road Narrows’ signage and ‘Slow’ road markings. The Traffic Section will investigate if there are other options that can be considered.”

Hillcrest Road residents Sandyford are planning a protest at 8am on January 31st.

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