Recycling food waste can cut carbon emissions

by Rachel Cunningham
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Rachel Cunningham

Food waste is a key area where Dubliners can cut back on cumulative carbon emissions, as previous research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that approximately 50 per cent of household organic waste was being disposed of in the wrong bins.

The act of segregating food waste correctly contributes towards its transformation into renewable energy and bio-fertilisers for horticulture and agricultural use. In an effort to promote this message, launched a National Food Waste Recycling Week on Monday, May 30, which will run until June 6.

Commenting on the campaign, Minister of State, Ossian Smyth, said: “Food waste is a significant contributor to carbon emissions, adding to climate change. The best way to address this is to try to cut down on food waste in the first place.

“But it is inevitable that there will almost always be food matter left over in homes and businesses, so recycling it means that it does not just go to landfills, it becomes a useful resource instead, contributing positively to the growth of Ireland’s bio-economy.”

Managed by Ireland’s three regional waste management planning offices, the campaign is based on research into the barriers surrounding recycling food waste and will provide useful tips and advice on how people can start to recycle more of their food waste.

Throughout the week, events will be held nationwide and one of the highlight events will be an exhibition at this year’s Bloom Festival, which takes place over the June bank holiday weekend.

The National Food Waste Recycling Week Exhibition tent will offer a first-hand demonstration of how food waste recycling works, with a number of interactive exhibits. Experts will also be on hand to demonstrate how easily food can be recycled and to answer questions people might have. 

The tent’s special guests will include Anja Murray, an ecologist and presenter of RTE’s Eco Eye, Marie Staunton, a gardener, and Conor Spacey, the culinary director of @FoodSpace who is also involved in the Chef’s Manifesto, working towards sustainable solutions to end hunger with the UN and World Food Programme.

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