Good news as local crime shows 12% dip

by Ian Begley
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Clondalkin councillor Trevor said Christmas Kiss is "my way of wishing my family and friends Happy Christmas"

RECENT figures have shown that crime has fallen 12% within the Western Garda Division, which comprises Lucan, Clondalkin, Blanchardstown and Naas.
This is for the third quarter of this year, compared to the third quarter of 2012.
The figures released by the Central Statistics Office on December 19 state that the total cases of reported crime in the third quarter of the year fell from 11,179 cases in 2012 to 9,812 in 2013.
While crime was statistically lower in the third quarter of 2013 compared to 2012, there were some slight increases, in particular, regarding drug-related offences for sale or supply, which increased by 43%, from 78 cases to 112.
Burglary and related offences fell from 20%, with 479 cases in 2013’s third quarter compared with 605 incidents in 2012, while theft from shops increased by 7% to 464, compared to 432.
Some of the most significant changes include a 25% increase in damage to property and to the environment, rising to 925 cases compared to 687.
Dangerous and negligent acts are down by 31%, falling from 145 cases in 2012 to 100 in 2013, with individuals driving under the influence falling by 35%, from 114 cases to 71.
The theft of vehicles and related offences decreased by 36%, from 411 cases to 263, while theft and handling of stolen property increased by 4%, rising from 1,150 cases to 1,199.
Possession of drugs for sale or supply fell by 30%, from 112 cases to 78, and criminal damage fell by 26%, from 866 cases to 635.
Public order and social code offences dropped by 24%, dropping from 659 cases to 497, while disorderly conduct fell by 25%, from 556 cases to 414.
Cllr Trevor Gilligan said that although the latest crime statistics are good news, residents have to be on high alert for burglars breaking into houses.
He said: “It’s great to see a decrease and I hope this trend continues, but I do have to say that I’m still hearing about burglaries; they’re still happening.
“Anybody that would be breaking into a home or causing any of these offences seems to be going for the handy goods that they can get rid of, as in money, or jewellery.
“They don’t seem to be taking things like TVs or anything that they have to flog, because it’s too much hassle for them.
“A friend of mine’s house was broken into recently, but they didn’t take anything – everything was left as it was, but it’s still not a nice feeling knowing there was somebody else in your home.
“I think what thieves seem to be doing lately is going into well-off housing estates to target people’s homes because they reckon they will get more valuable goods there.
“The decrease in burglaries could be because residents aren’t reporting these incidents to the gardai, but I think residents have to do that, because we all have to work together to stop these incidents from happening,” said Cllr Gilligan.
He said his advice to people to help keep their property safe, especially over the Christmas and New Year period, is to buy alarms for their homes and to fix a yellow security bar over their car’s steering wheel.

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