Good news as horse club signs land lease

by Ian Begley
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After a lengthy struggle acquiring a site for their horses, Clondalkin Equine Club has recently signed a lease securing a 17-acre site near Clonburris.
This comes as very good news to club members and horse owners in Clondalkin as the club was recently left disappointed after failing to secure a proportion of land near Clonburris in February of this year.
Chairman of Clondalkin Equine Club Tom Aspil welcomed the news, saying: “In the 20 months since Clondalkin Equine Club was formed, we have managed to gather a very strong network of support from local agencies and bodies as well as the Department of Agriculture and the council. The community have responded very well to our club and what it’s all about.
“Last week after a mountain of hard work by our committee we managed to secure a lease on land in the heart of Clondalkin for a minimum of five years from which to run our club.

“It will be focused mainly on the young people in the area and making it more affordable for them to keep horses and to educate them better on how to look after the animals. We hope to have the land ready for the project in the coming months. At current we have no funding but we are working on that. We would like to thank Kelland Homes for leasing us the land and supporting us,” said Aspil.
Clondalkin Cllr Gino Kenny (PBP) who has worked closely with the club said: “This is a monumental day, not only for the club but for social horse projects around Ireland.
“This [securing a site for horses in Clondalkin] has been decades in the making. I firmly believe it will make a difference in the way equines and best practice are viewed in Clondalkin.
“The club members along with Michelle Kearns from the partnership have worked tirelessly and endlessly to get where we are. We hear daily of the horror stories of equine abuse and neglect but here is a good news equine story. It has been an incredible journey thus far, but I believe this is the start of something special and unique. You can say the Clondalkin Equine Club is finally coming home,” said Cllr Kenny.
Clondalkin Equine Club Committee member Roisin Kearney said: “This is a time we have been waiting for, for a very long time. It’s more steps on the road to having a solution to the equine problems that have persisted over the past 40 years in Clondalkin.
“My many thanks to all who have worked so hard over the past two years,” she said.
The Clondalkin Equine Club was established by horse owners in Clondalkin in October 2012 following a public meeting for horse owners. The group formed a committee, developed a constitution and formulated a work plan with the assistance of South Dublin County Partnership.
The club’s objectives are to make it affordable for youth in the area to own and rear horses and to promote animal welfare in the local community.
It will promote responsible horse ownership, and work with South Dublin County Council and other agencies to achieve its purpose of creating a better community for all.
The club was formed after a series of incidents in relation to impounding of horses in the Bawnogue area of Clondalkin.

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