Ireland is the most generous country in the world for a third year

by Dublin Gazette
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GoFundMe have announced that Ireland has retained the position of most generous country in the world on GoFundMe for a third year in a row.

Ireland had the highest number of donations per capita, with nearly 1.5 million donations made in Ireland throughout 2020. This is more than three times the amount of donations that were made in Ireland in the previous year.

At a time when generosity and kindness was needed more than ever, Ireland stepped up and created hundreds of campaigns related to Covid-19 to support people across the country.

One in four campaigns created during 2020 were related to Covid-19, including campaigns to feed healthcare workers, support for charity campaigns which have been cancelled and support for industries that have been impacted by the pandemic, such as the arts community.

April 21 was the busiest day for donations in Ireland, on this day at the height of the Covid-19 crisis more than 25,000 donations were made to campaigns.

Galway tops the list as the most generous city in the country with Dublin and Limerick, following closely behind. The top campaigns of the year include; Do it for DanA Better Life for LivieFeed the Heroes & Brave like Emmeline Holland

John Coventry, GoFundMe’s senior international director, said: “From the front line of the fight against Covid-19 to rallying round poorly kids and everything in between, the compassion shown across Ireland in 2020 has been nothing short of extraordinary.

“We love seeing Ireland top the generosity tables year after year, and while in many ways 2020 has been a year to forget, I hope the solidarity, kindness and generosity that shone through across Ireland and around the world remains in our collective memory.”

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