Cllr not satisfied with GoAhead’s bus stop response!

by Rose Barrett
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Rose Barrett

Cllr Paul Mulville (SD for Rush-Lusk LEA) was somewhat bewildered by the response recently from GoAhead regarding passengers who were left standing at the 33b bus stop in the Donabate Portrane area.

It seems GoAhead drivers were in expectation of those standing at the bus stop to give a signal of intent they were waiting on the bus!

“I’ve been concerned to see the 33b bus not stopping for people who are waiting at bus stops in the Donabate Portrane area, and I took the matter up with Go-Ahead Ireland,” said Cllr Mulville.

“On a number of occasions, people have been standing at the bus stop, clearly waiting for the bus. However, the driver just passed them by as they state the person waiting didn’t put out their hand to signal for the bus to stop.”

Cllr Mulville added: “Given that the 33b is pretty much the only bus serving the area, it is fairly clear that if someone is waiting at the bus stop, they want to board the 33b but – whether they put out their hand or not!”

However, GoAhead told the Dublin Gazette that Go-Ahead Ireland (GAI) endeavours at all times to provide a best-in-class travel experience to all passengers, across all their routes operated.

“With regard to accessibility, in line with other public bus service providers, passengers are requested to put out their hand at a bus stop to signal to the driver that they would like to board.

Another local resident raised the issue of passengers waiting at the bus stop who are blind and accompanied by a guide dog or persons with a visual impairment. However, GoAhead states “For those passengers that may have a visual impairment, drivers are trained to monitor for such passengers and will automatically pull in and stop for any passenger with an assistance dog or cane. The driver will ask the customer where they wish to travel to ensure they are boarding the correct bus, and if needed, will contact control to inform the customer when their correct bus is due.”

See for details of GAI’s policy on accessibility.

Another local stated: “We are having major problems at the bus terminus in The Burrow. Buses regularly not parking in the designated area, and not even making an effort to get in off the road. It’s on the brow of a hill and is going to cause an accident. I nearly had a head on collision with a woman and child last month. The bus in this picture is parked and when I pulled alongside, the driver was relaxing on his phone, so clearly not mid turn!”

GAI declined to comment on the parking incident and stated they would prefer to take the matter up with the motorist concerned.

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