Group want ‘ringfenced’ funding back for swimming pool

by Rebecca Ryan
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Over 700 signatures of 800 have been signed in an online petition calling for the reopening of Glenalbyn Swimming Pool.

Non-political community led group, Friends of Glenalbyn, are heading up the petition and say they want their ring-fenced funding back.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Karin Pritzel told Dublin Gazette locals are “furious” with the ongoing saga.

“The reason we set this [group] was because people in the community were so tired of political agendas and empty promises being kicked about when it came to Glenalbyn Pool.

“Each year the community was reassured of the council’s commitments to reopening the pool. They were so committed that they spent over €60,000 on engineers reports to get things moving.

“Then the community was consulted by the council and asked if they would like their pool to remain at the same location or to be moved to St Lawrence’s library site. The community voted for their pool to remain on its existing site.

“Councillors campaigned for funds to be set aside and successfully €10m in funds was finally ‘ring-fenced’.

“The community waited for redevelopment to commence. The funding was in place. Sports grants were not sought after, on the basis that the money ‘was available’. The people waited and waited.

“On February 11, 2019, in a DLR council meeting, the €10m ‘ring-fenced’ fund for Glenalbyn Pool was now suddenly to be used on other council projects and Glenalbyn Pool shoved further down the agenda into a pipeline projects scheme… right in the middle of mediation process.

“This has left the community furious.”

Ms Pritzel said that people are “desperate” for the pool to reopen and they feel “totally fobbed off”.

“Nobody understands why it’s still closed. They feel totally fobbed off and displaced. They are scattered across the city in overcrowded swimming facilities.”

You can find the petition online at

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