GleesonFest – July 21 at the Sound House in memory of the late Luke Gleeson

by Rose Barrett
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Rose Barrett

‘GleesonFest’ is a special night with a dual purpose, writes Rose Barrett. The night will honour the memory of a much-loved Dublin-based music promoter – Luke Gleeson who sadly passed during Covid restrictions – while and the event will also raise essential funding for My Lovely Horse animal charity.

The event will be held on Friday, July 21 at The Sound House, Dublin by two of his closest friends DJ Polly Love and Spellbound frontman Frankie Hayes, along with Dublin club Time Tunnel. Not only is this an important fundraiser, but GleesonFest is a chance for music fans and bands to pay tribute to the much-loved music promoter – and Luke’s daughter Darcie can see how loved and respected her father was.

Luke Gleeson was a respected and much-loved music promoter who championed ground-breaking acts before many had ever heard of them including the likes of Fontaines D.C., The Strypes and David Keenan.

The event will feature music from a long list of acts including Protex, Stereotype, Spellbound, Meryl Streek, Freedom 35s, The Coathanger Solution, Teds Not Dead, The Tommy Guns and DJ’s Andy Marke and Tony Hanlon

Formerly an employee of Tower Records and EMI Record Company, Luke’s contribution to the rich tapestry of Ireland’s music scene is one that brought many international bands over to Dublin but also championed stars in their infancy, offering new bands a chance to cut their teeth on the live circuit and build up a fanbase at a time when so many venues were disappearing.

Luke ran a number of club nights where bands could play including the Retro Revival Indie Club and the Big Itch Club.

“Promoter is probably the wrong word to use to describe Luke because he did everything as a passion rather than a business and often he walked away with empty pockets, but with plans for the next event, whilst us punters walked away after a night out with memories galore,” says DJ and music aficionado Joe Moran fondly.

Sadly, Luke passed away suddenly in May 2020, during the height of Covid restrictions, so his family and friends were unnot able to give him the send-off he deserved. GleesonFest brings together, for one night only, the community of musicians, deejays and music fans Luke fostered and nurtured with his Retro Revival Indie Club nights. His famous punchline was “There’s no bleedin’ guestlist!”

Friday July 21 at The Sound House, Eden Quay, Dublin. Tickets €10 and are available now from  All profits on the night will go to My Lovely Horse Rescue. See  Facebook and Instagram pages, Time Tunnel Dublin. 

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