High Street Ashbourne pioneers new gift card to encourage local spend

by Gazette Reporter
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High Street Ashbourne is pioneering a new gift card aimed at encouraging local spend and keeping money locked into the area to promote local jobs and economic growth.

The new High Street Ashbourne Gift Card can be used at over 30 outlets and is a prepaid Mastercard which works like local currency, encouraging people to support businesses on their doorstep.

“Shopping local has never been so important as businesses endeavour to bounce back from Covid,” said centre manager, Lesley-Ann Byrnes.

“Now, more than ever, there is an onus on businesses to promote local spend and the High Street Ashbourne Gift Card allows those invested in the prosperity of the area to provide meaningful support.

“The High Street Ashbourne Gift Card is easy to use for both shoppers and businesses. The concept of a locally-based gift card, which aims to help with job retention and creation, and growth of the local economy, is an idea that businesses here are very enthusiastic about.

“Ashbourne people, wherever they may be, can support the town by buying a card online and gifting it to family and friends still living in the area, with a personal message.”

Charlie Hyland from Hyland Jewellers said the High Street Ashbourne Gift Card will provide much needed support for local shops.

“The pandemic has brought out a great community spirit in the area. The timing is perfect to introduce a gift card, it is a way to show support for local businesses and give something back to the community.

“A good Christmas gets you through January and February. This year though, I see more people doing their shopping locally, instead of heading elsewhere. It is brilliant to see other businesses getting behind the scheme. A rising tide lifts all boats.”

According to Colin Munro, managing director of tech firm Miconex, which is behind the project, cards purchased for Christmas ensure a good quarter one trading period, because most will be redeemed in January through March, traditionally the quietest months for businesses.

“It is fantastic to see High Street Ashbourne working on a collaborative effort to proactively drive local economic recovery, and to build on the community spirit and shop local sentiment that exists in the area. Through collaboration and technology, we can create meaningful and impactful solutions for the recovery of our towns.”

The initiative is part of High Street Ashbourne’s community experience programmes, involving customers and retailers.

Latest updates on what’s happening at High Street Ashbourne are available on its Facebook page and Instagram accounts, as well as highstreetashbourne.ie.

PHOTO – High Street Ashbourne is pioneering a new gift card aimed at encouraging local spend and keeping money locked into the area economy to promote jobs and economic growth locally. Pic: Fintan Clarke.

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