Gardai warn on random theft upsurge

by Gazette Reporter
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GARDAI are warning locals to be vigilant during the summer months.

With the temperature soaring all last week, car owners and home owners were tempted to leave doors and windows open, but Inspector Noel Mostyn of Lucan Garda Station warned against this.

He said: “People need to be security conscious. We’re having incidents of things being taken from cars as a result of them being left unlocked or windows being left open.

“It happened quite a bit over the last weekend when the weather was nice.”

Insurance company sources say that many policies will not pay out on any theft that has been carried out on an unsecured car or home, putting people at a much higher risk.

Inspector Mostyn added that bikes were also being taken after being left outside.

He said: “I know it’s the good weather and people are out cycling more, but people are leaving their bikes out at night and it’s just an invitation to people who are around robbing full-time.

“There are opportunistic thieves who will take advantage of things like this, so people just need to be a bit careful.”

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