Gardai slated for late arrival

by Gazette Reporter
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Gardai in Blanchardstown are currently investigating why a call from a family who were terrorised by two men allegedly trying to force their way into their home was not treated more seriously.
Two men allegedly attempted to kick down the door of a house in Tyrrelstown at around 3.30am on Thursday, April 16.
The family claim to have called gardai immediately and were told they would be there as soon as possible. The men left after 10 minutes, but family members remained terrified.
As gardai had not arrived by 5am the family called again and claim to have been told by gardai that as the two men had left it was no longer an emergency.
According to Cllr Paul Donnelly (SF) he was contacted by the family that morning and made representations to local gardai on their behalf.
Gardai then arrived at the house at around midday and apologised to the family, saying they had not realised how serious the incident was.
Cllr Donnelly said he was concerned about the fact that the incident was not treated more seriously and questioned how it could have been believed to be less serious.
“I have been on to Blanchardstown Garda Station and they are looking into why this wasn’t treated in a serious manner.
“There has been some serious miscommunication. If a person is ringing 999 at 3am saying two people are trying to kick their door in, how that wasn’t treated seriously I don’t know,” he said.
He went on to say that there seemed to be a surge in instances of anti-social behaviour in the areas of Tyrrelstown and Mulhuddart.
A Garda spokesperson declined to respond to Cllr Donnelly’s comments but told the Gazette that: “Gardai in Blanchardstown are investigating an incident which occurred at a house in Tyrellstown in the early hours of Thurdsay, April 16.
“It’s understood two men failed in attempts to gain entry into a house via the front door and left the scene empty handed a short time later.
“There were no reported injuries. Enquiries into the matter are ongoing. Anyone who noticed any suspicious activity in the vicinity of the Mount Garrett Park area between 3.30am and 4am is asked to contact Blanchardstown Garda Station 01-6667000.”
Speaking to the Gazette, Inspector Anthony Twomey of Blanchardstown Garda Station said: “Any incident where there is a customer service issue we would look into it to see what actually happened.”
He went on to say that they were looking into both sides off the incident, both the alleged crime and whether or not adequate service had been provided.

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