Father of victim slams gardai investigation into son’s murder

by Padraig Conlon
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A devastated father from Tallaght has blasted the garda investigation into the murder of his son.

Gerry Daly, originally from Knockmore Grove, told Dublin Gazette that five years after his son Gerry Junior’s body was discovered in a bog in Meath, he is still looking for answers.

Gerry Jr disappeared from his home in Cavan on 26th June 2011 before being found by a farmer in Oristown Bog in Kells on 11th September 2014.

An inquest last year found that he was unlawfully killed, with the cause of death blunt force trauma to the head.

At the inquest, Superintendent Fergus Traynor, who was a detective inspector at the time of Gerry’s disappearance, said “hundreds of enquiries were made”, and “hundreds of statements” had been taken.

He said the garda investigation into the death was concluded, and there had been no prosecution in the case.

He also said that it was suspected that one person was present at the time of the death, but that there may have been others.

Despite the results of the inquest, Gerry is extremely angry with the garda investigation, and says he believes the whole truth about his son’s murder is not being told.

“For eight years, the gardai told us absolutely nothing,” Gerry told Dublin Gazette.

“I’ve tried for all those years to get any information possible about my son’s death and I was told nothing.

“I was going up and down from Tallaght to Bailieboro every day for two-and-a-half full years after he went missing, and every day they were just telling me they had no information.

“In cases like ours the gardai appoint a liaison officer to help the family, we had one for just five weeks, then suddenly we had none.

“They didn’t even tell me when his body was found, I saw it on the news.

“Then they wouldn’t let me see his body – it was a closed casket.”

Gerry believes his son was murdered by his neighbour, ex-garda detective John Kerins, who was subsequently murdered in his home November 2012.

“They had him in custody, he was questioned as part of the investigation, but they released him,” Gerry said.

“I think more than one person had to have helped move my son’s body from the road to the bog where he was found.

“My son was a big man, there’s no way one person could have carried him themselves, no way.

“All sorts of stuff was said about my son after he disappeared, all of it rubbish.

“It was said he was involved with paramilitaries; well I spoke with an ex paramilitary who looked into that for me, and he told me categorically that he was never involved with any paramilitary group.

“I was also told he was a drug dealer, that he beat people up. Absolute rubbish! I know my son. He was no angel, but he was not involved in any of the stuff that he was accused of after he died.

“I’ve basically been told the investigation is over and I should move on. Well I can’t when there are still so many unanswered questions.

“How can I move on? I want justice, I want the truth.”

Dublin Gazette contacted An Garda Siochana, but had not received a reply at the time of going to press.

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