Gardaí Bank Holiday Road enforcement Operation now in place

Drivers urged to slow down during what is the highest risk period for pedestrians and motorists

by Rose Barrett
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An Garda Síochána has commenced a roads enforcement operation for this Halloween weekend, given bank holiday periods are one of the busiest periods on Irish roads – and sadly, often result in serious collisio and fatalities,
when motorists and pedestrian are most at risk. 

Up to Friday, October 27, 155 people died in road traffic collisions on Irish roads. One in four (38) road deaths 
have been pedestrians to date in 2023, with 43 pedestrians fatalities in 2022. This trend indicates that pedestrian 
fatality figures for 2023 are estimated to be their highest in 15 years.

Even sadder still, is the fact that one in three road deaths have been people under the age of 25, 11 were 
pedestrians with 51 in total dying from that age group on Irish roads.Twenty one road deaths (10 pedestrians were over the age of 70. 155 Deaths on Irish roads from 145 traffic collisions is 36 greater than 2022 and 43 greater than 2019. 

Obviously, road usage has increased since the restrictions of the Covid pandemic, and two out of three were singular 
vehicle accidents.

To date in 2023 An Garda Síochána has issued to the most risky drivers:
• Excess of 120,000 FCN’s for speeding 
• Approximately 4,000 FCNs for non-wearing of seatbelts 
• Approximately 13,000 FCNs for holding a mobile phone.

There have been over 110,000 ‘Mandatory Intoxicant Testing’ (MIT) Breath tests at in excess of 34,000 MIT checkpoints.
There have been in excess of 6,000 Driving While Intoxicated Offences recorded on PULSE (Drivers arrested on suspicion of Drink/ Drug Driving).   Drug Driving detections account for over 35% of all driving while intoxicated detections to date in 2023.

An Garda Síochána continue to appeal to all road users, for whatever reason you will be using the roads this weekend, 
whatever your mode of transport may be, to stay safe on the roads this weekend.

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