Garda Station badly needed in Donabate, says Labour rep 

by Rose Barrett
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Corina Johnston, Local area representative is calling on the Garda Commissioner and Minister for Justice to sanction the provision of a Garda Station in Donabate.

Johnston said; “We have been campaigning for such a provision over the past number of years. In 2021 we proposed that the state acquire the Credit Union Building which would and still is an ideal location for a station. Duncan Smith TD and I also raised such a need at a meeting in 2021 with the Assistant Garda Commissioner and Senior Gardaí.

“In their response, Gardaí said that while they have no objection in principle to a garda station on the peninsula, this, however would be a political decision. “

Corina Johnston

Johnston (above) added; “Deputy Smith has since raised this at National level with the Ministers for Justice, Public Expenditure and OPW.  He was informed that the current Garda Building and Refurbishment Programme does not include the development of a new garda station in Donabate..” 

Johnston continued;” The 2006 Local Area Plan included a grada station as an objective. I am still astounded that such an important objective was removed from the current Area Plan. Given the massive projected increase in the population of the area and the increase in anti social behaviour, it is imperative that such a facility is planned for now.”

Johnston concluded: “Deputy Smith and I met with the Garda Superintendent in recent weeks and highlighted this issue once again and also the need for the provision of additional garda resources for our expanding area. We intend to pursue these important issues at National and Local level and will keep you updated.”“

Feature photo Fingal County Council

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