Garda patrols increased as youth crime escalates

by Ian Begley
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Gardai are conducting additional patrols in Lucan in relation to increased reports of of anti-social behavior and stone-throwing in the area.
Gangs of youths have been seen causing trouble in the vicinity of the Hermitage Park playspace and Esker Celtic FC’s clubhouse recently, which sparked many complaints from local residents living nearby.
Cllr William Lavelle (FG) contacted the Lucan Garda Superintendent in relation to these incidents, who told him that he has “instructed gardai attached to Lucan to conduct a number of additional patrols in the area” during several times of the day.
Meanwhile, Cllr Liona O’Toole (Ind) a member of the local policing forum, said she believes that community gardai need to be involved in discussions that could see short cuts in Lucan estates blocked off to tackle burglaries and anti-social blackspots.
She stated that the 22 burglaries in the area during the summer along with reports of anti-social activity are a serious concern for residents.
“Some permeability [shortcuts] provides ideal opportunities for criminal behaviour.
“As a driver, I wouldn’t have any problem driving the extra way round, but Lucan has a very young population, and teenagers need to use these short cuts to pass through.
“There was a number of burglaries in Hampstead and Finnstown, while where CCTV is concerned, or the lack of it in Lucan, there are about six blackspots. It requires government funding, but community gardai need to be involved in any talks, to be able to advise and give input on any decisions,” she said.
Meanwhile, Lucan gardai have issued an appeal for cyclists to lock their bikes with an increase of thefts in recent weeks.
Gardai say that a lot of thefts occur in garden sheds and are urging people to put one good lock on their bike when it is being stored at home or out in public.
A Lucan Garda spokesperson said: “A lot of the stolen bikes tend to be in garden sheds, they may be bikes bought on bike-to-work schemes, and later put on Done Deal or sold to students.
“We would ask people to lock and secure any side gates, and put a good lock on their bike if it is in the shed. Shed locks tend to be weak. Really, bikes should be locked no matter where they are kept. One good U-lock with a cable running through the front wheel,” said the spokesperson.

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