Furious Ranelagh residents up in arms over ‘monolithic monstrosity’

by Gazette Reporter
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Bannaville residents in Ranelagh outraged at approval of what they call a a ‘monolithic monstrosity’ overshadowing their peaceful scenic location

Local residents in Bannaville, a quiet suburban estate located in Ranelagh, close to the Grand Canal, are up in arms over the construction of, what they call, a ‘monolithic monstrosity’ overshadowing their peaceful scenic location.

They contacted Dublin Gazette in an effort to shed light on why this building, containing two mews houses, and, as they claim, is completely out of character with the surrounding architecture in a tiny unused area. This was done without them being consulted about plans for its construction.

Furious residents, among them Stuart Dawson, Brendan Sweeney, Margaret Ryan, Jean Doyle and Tom Hanlon, all expressed their outrage at Dublin City Council for the way they were sidelined in the decision-making process.

Margaret Ryan said: “Local residents here are absolutely appalled that no notification was received by them, that this monstrosity was being built. It went up in six weeks and is ruining the view, blocking the light, but most importantly, it is destroying the privacy of many of the residents.

“It has ruined the back of our homes – we no longer can enjoy afternoon sunshine. The fact that it was carried out in such an underhand way, makes it even worse. We want clarity and we want to know who gave the permission and we want answers from Dublin City Council, as well as the councillors who approved it.

“This is not about a group of Ranelagh residents giving out about any new development – we all know that housing is needed ; it’s about being respected and being consulted about the kind of development to be built.”

The residents have written to Dublin City Council and are furious that nobody has been down to the area, despite invitations to come and visit.

One of the residents, Stuart Dawson wrote a letter to Dublin City Council objecting to the aforementioned planning application in the strongest terms.

He wrote: “I have just returned from a posting overseas and am absolutely horrified to see this over-scaled monstrosity overshadowing my home.

“It is incomprehensible that this carbuncle could ever have gotten planning.  This is a Z1 planning zone i.e. developments should “protect, provide and improve residential amenity.

“This development is a larger than life scar on the local community and quite frankly, is an absolute disgrace – An Bórd Pleanala and DCC should be ashamed of themselves.

“I moved to 4 Bannaville in 2010 and from my kitchen and garden, I had an unimpeded view of the beautiful Georgian terraces; those being Ontario Terraces obliterated.

“And this building – according to DCC’s extension of duration letter dated 26 September 2012 – should have been completed on 18 February 2018; the conditions of the planning license have been patently and blatantly contravened.  So, what is DCC intending to do?

“Back in 2007, the DCC’s decision to grant planning was appealed by two residents – both on Ontario Terrace.  The absence of any objection from Bannaville residents is evidence enough that no site notice was erected, or circulated in a manner that would bring the proposed development to their attention – a convenient and deliberate ploy quite clearly.

“In the DCC’s ‘granting’ letter on 5 July 2007, it alludes to “visual amenity” in relation to roof use, screening and external finishing; this is an absolute travesty – the inappropriateness of this over-sized incongruous structure is truly breath-taking.

“And yet, a so-called planner within the DCC had the temerity to talk about “visual amenity”.

“I will be seeking legal advice over the coming weeks and will revert in due course.”

Dublin Gazette contacted Dublin City Council to find out why these residents were allegedly kept in the dark about this project, but at the time of going to press, no answer was forthcoming.

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