Fundraiser for expensive repairs after robbery at Shankill FC

by Rebecca Ryan
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The water damage caused the partial collapse of the ceiling in one of the dressing rooms

Shankill Football Club have suffered a huge blow after guttering from the roof of the clubhouse was stolen.

The incident occurred last week and resulted in rain water pouring inside causing thousands of euro worth of damage.

Chairman of Shankill Football Club Dave Mulcahy told Dublin Gazette what happened.

“We think it happened Thursday or Friday last week. The lead guttering/lead flashing was stolen from the roof so there is no barrier to protect the rain coming in.

“The rain on Friday and Saturday was relentless. We had buckets at the start gathering the drips but, in the end, we had to put wheelie bins in because there was that much rain coming through the ceiling.

“The rain went all the way across the ceiling, across all of the rooms, and the celling in one of our changing rooms partially came in.

“There was water coming through the light fittings, the sockets on the wall, literally pouring down walls and everything. We were sweeping water down the hallways out the door. It was pretty bad.”

Mr Mulcahy said the cost of fixing the clubhouse is huge. “Just to fix the roof itself we’re looking at €6,500-7,000.

“Internally we will have to redo the ceilings across the whole building, carpets, tiles, redecorating and all that sort of thing. It could be upwards of €20,000-25,000.

“We’re not a club with money. We raise membership and we spend everything we get so this is a pretty serious hit.”

Mr Mulcahy said that Gardai are investigating the incident and looking at CCTV footage.

“The Guards came out Saturday, they were brilliant.

“They were telling us that the lead they stole off the roof, [the robbers] would make a couple of hundred euro. The amount of damage that was done for such a small benefit for those people, the mind boggles.”

For safety reasons the club had to turn off the electricity which meant the children could not train on the AstroTurf. However, Mr Mulcahy said the support from people in the area has been “huge.”

One loccal electrician came out and safety isolated the floodlights from the AstroTurf. While the clubhouse will remain closed, training and games can now continue on the AstroTurf.

Mr Mulcahy said the insurance company told them it is unlikely that will cover 100% of the repair cost.

Shankill FC will be hosting fundraisers including bag packing and table quizzes to cover the costs outside of their insurance cover.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up to help the club at

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