Free tree giveaways during National Tree Week

by Rose Barrett
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Trees, trees, and more trees! Tree Week will take place from Sundays, March 3 to March 10 next, and Fingal County Council has a number of initiatives planned to celebrate this green event.

FCC will, in fact, distribute 10,000 trees to residents for planting across the county, as well as hosting a number of community planting events and workshops.

“This year, we are providing a wider range of tree species in our give away including native and non-native trees,” said a spokesperson for the council. 

“This will not only help increase the species diversity across Fingal, supporting our efforts to climate proof our tree population but also help with applying the principle of the ‘right tree in the right place’, particularly when planting in challenging urban locations.

“Native species include Pine, Goat Willow, Hawthorn, Wild Cherry, Crab apple, Hazel, Alder and Birch (70per cent of giveaway); Non-Native species include Walnut, Beech, Hornbeam, Larch, Red oak and Scarlet Willow (30pc of giveaway).

Tree Giveaways will take place from 10am to 1pm on Wednesday March 6 and/or Saturday, March 9 at the following venues: St Catherine’s Park, Millennium Park, Argillan Demesne (10.30am on 6), Malahide Demesne (9 only), Racecourse Park (6 only), Newbridge Demesne and Ward River Valley (9 only). 

“There is a limit of two per household; a number of community tree planting events will also be taking place – see full list at

FCC run a promotional campaign on Social Media throughout the week explaining the benefits of trees so be sure to follow FCC’s online channels for updates.

Kevin Halpenny, FCC’s Senior Parks and Landscape Officer commented “With the growing impact of climate change, planting trees, and particularly the right trees, has become even more vital.  Fingal Parks and Green infrastructure are progressing the actions outlined in the Forest of Fingal Tree Strategy to increase tree canopy cover and improve biodiversity and climate resilience.  

“We are encouraging people, through planting in their own gardens, and at community planting events to add to the level of tree cover and diversity of tree species throughout the county.”

Fingal has around 2,000 hectares of public open space, of which a large proportion are heritage landscapes, defined in many respects by woodlands and trees.”

Free Tree Giveaways at:


Wednesday, March 6 (10.30 to 1pm) at Ardgillan Demesne

Saturday, March 9 from 10am to 1pm at Ardgillan Demesne

Collection point Ardgillan Demesne upper car park.


Wednesday, March 6 at Newbridge Demesne 10am to 1pm

Saturday 9 at Ward River Valley & Newbridge Demesne, 10am to 1pm    Collection point Newbridge Car park

Collection point Ward River Valley, New car park River Valley


Wednesday, March 6 at Racecourse Park 10am to 1pm

Saturday, March 9 at Malahide Demesne 10am to 1pm

Collection point Racecourse car park; and Malahide car park


Wednesday, March 6 at Millenium Park and St Catherine’s Park 10am to 1pm

Saturday, March 6 at Millenium Park and St Catherine’s Park 10am to 1pm

Collection point Millenium car park and St Catherine’s car park

Please consider which type of tree is suitable for your garden and to reduce use of plastic citizens are asked to bring their own bag.

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