Councillor calls for bridge restoration

by Rachel Cunningham
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Councillor Francis Timmons has called on South Dublin County Council (SDCC) to restore Downshire Bridge in the Saggart Slade.

“I am hoping by raising this with South Dublin County Council that working together we can prevent further destruction to an national asset and heritage site,” said the South Dublin County councillor for the Clondalkin, Newcastle, Rathcoole, Saggart and Brittas area.

“There has been untold damage done to the site and I call on SDCC heritage and conservation officers to immediately investigate and take action on this historical site and bridge.”

“The Downshire Bridge is situated in the scenic Slade Valley in Saggart, Co. Dublin,” said local historian Meryn Ennis.

“It is an impressive 17th century four-span bridge. However, only one span of the Crooked Bridge is now utilised.  

“This is a result of an attempt to control the old Slade and Slade mór rivers for early industrial use.”

The historian said the four-arched bridge had previously formed part of the old coach road from Saggart and Tallaght.

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