Foróige host Minister for Education Norma Foley in Balbriggan Youth Service

by Rose Barrett
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Norma Foley, Minister for Education visited Foróige’s Balbriggan Youth Service during the past week. Minister Foley met with many young people from all over the country who had participated in a range of Foróige programmes in their schools.

These include the Foróige Leadership for Life Programme, The Foróige Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Programme and a range of Foróige’s digital skills programmes – Foróige Go. The young people spoke to the Minister about their engagement in these initiatives and the positive impact they have had on their lives. 

Seán Campbell, CEO of Foróige, spoke at the National meeting saying “It is such an honour to have Minister Norma Foley in Balbriggan to hear directly from young people about the difference these programmes have made to their confidence and skills.

These programmes dovetail perfectly with the formal education system and we are very proud to work in partnership with Schools in their delivery.  As a former Teacher who has worked in the youth work sector for 38 years, I believe passionately that education is at its best when formal and non formal work together with each playing to their strengths.”

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