12-year-old Eco-Hero to feature in new TV documentary’

by Rebecca Ryan
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Local environmental hero, Flossie Donnelly, is going to be the star of a new TV documentary.

The 12-year-old from Dun Laoghaire will feature in a two-part series on RTÉjr called My Story: The Beach Cleaner.

Flossie is known for her fabulous work in picking up rubbish and plastic from her local beaches with her group ‘Flossie And The Beach Cleaners.’

In the documentary, Flossie travels to Indonesia to visit one of the world’s ‘dirtiest’ rivers. She learns that solving the plastic problem in our oceans and seas is not as simple as she first thought.

Flossie told Dublin Gazette she is “very excited” about the show.

“I am very excited about the documentary and can’t wait to see it! 

“It’s going to be about my daily life, beach cleaning, being an activist, my trip to Indonesia and finally about me just being a regular kid as well!!!

“I went to Indonesia this year to visit one of the world’s dirtiest rivers and to see if it is as bad as it is said to be. Leaving, we had loads of new Indonesian friends and we brought back even more ‘can do’ attitude.”

Flossie told us how her beach cleaning efforts are going back here at home.

“The beach cleans have become a lot better, as in there isn’t as much rubbish unless there was a storm the night before, then it is a lot of rubbish to collect. Other than that, it seems that the word is really getting out to clean up.”

At home, Flossie and her family have made lots of changes to become eco-friendlier, including, banning clingfilm, using metal water bottles, becoming flexitarians, using shampoo and conditioner bars, using bamboo toothbrushes, using hemp bags instead of black bin bags, and the family has a hybrid car.

Flossie said she will continue beach cleaning and writing her blog about plastic, and is always on the lookout for volunteers.

My Story: The Beach Cleaner will air November 12 and 14 and 15:15 on RTÉjr.

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