Firefighter recovering from attack by patient

by Gazette Reporter
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A Dublin fire fighter attending to a call out in an emergency ambulance was treated for injuries after being attacked while trying to transport a patient to hospital on Saturday night.
Two staff members were called out to a 999 call in Littlepace, Clonee on Saturday, February 23, but one was attacked shortly after midnight as they tried to bring the patient to hospital.
A spokesperson for the Dublin Fire Brigade confirmed the attack.
“Two of our staff, who were in one of our emergency ambulances, were transporting a patient to the hospital and one of our staff was allegedly assaulted by that person [the patient].
“The fire fighter attended hospital and was released, but will have to receive further treatment.”
Gardai are now investigating the incident and a man in his 30s has been arrested and is due before court next month, charged in connection with the incident.
Dublin West councillor David McGuinness (FF) responded to news of the attack, saying he welcomed the fact that a male in his 30s has been arrested and is due before the courts. But he said the news came as a reminder of the dangers which are faced by emergency crews on a daily basis in the capital.
He said: “Local residents are rightly furious that this incident happened in Dublin 15. The Clonee area is a quiet suburban community which would never be associated with this type of crime. Some people living locally said this incident was dreadful and a shame. I echo these sentiments and condemn this attack of violence in the strongest possible terms.
“Fire officials have enough dangers associated with their job without mindless people physically attacking them during the course of their work,” he said.
“I wish the individuals involved a speedy recovery and sincerely hope that justice is done for them and the rest of society,” added Cllr McGuinness.

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