Fury in Finglas over lack of repair of shattered footpaths

by Dublin Gazette
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A Northside community has slammed Dublin City Council for the disrepair that pavements in the area have fallen into, with seemingly no signs of repair on the horizon.

Images of severely damaged paths on Mellowes Road were posted to Facebook by one fed-up Finglas local, saying that she has been trying to contact the council about the hazard for four years, and has been consistently logging her calls about the damaged pavement for the past 14 months.

In a post alongside the images, the resident said she last reminded the council about the pavements eight months ago, following a log of other calls in the months beforehand.

The paths are located near to a nursing home, where a number of people in wheelchairs and with other impairments go for walks.

She said: “The last time [I called] Dublin City Council about this dangerous broken path on Mellowes Road [was] after a young woman with a zimmer frame fell [over] it, and I found her lying on the ground in the rain waiting on help.

“[The council] swore this was going to be a priority; today, [the path is] still the same. You can not get a wheelchair over it.

“Absolutely disgusting, the way they can just leave it like that.”

In response to queries from Dublin Gazette, Dublin City Council said that repairs of the pavement on Mellowes Road are expected to be completed within the week, with a budget allocated for repairs of the footpath.

They added: “Contractors were invited to tender for these upgrade works in the first quarter of this year. Tenders have now been received and assessed and we are in the process of appointing the successful tenderer/contractor.

“Works are scheduled to commence in June and to be substantially completed by November.

“The contractor’s detailed programme will be agreed in the coming weeks and local residents and businesses will be given advance notice of these works in order to minimise disruption.”

The spokesperson continued: “Note that in advance of the contract works commencing on Mellowes Road, it is intended to arrange for a repair of the defect highlighted … to be carried out by a road maintenance services’ crew.

“This repair is scheduled to be completed within one week.”

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