Fingal to participate in EU project addressing loneliness and social isolation

by Rose Barrett
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Fingal County Council is taking part in an EU Interreg Project Korale to address the issue of loneliness.

Working with five European partners in a concerted effort to collaborately improve social cohesion by addressing loneliness and social isolation. Project Korale will position Fingal in an excellent place to capture best practice and knowledge across the European partner regions through this project over the next four years.  

KORALE has three key objectives  which partners will focus on: identification and sharing of good practices in preventing or addressing loneliness at individual, family, and community levels, focusing on low-threshold approaches. Also learning about successful intervention strategies, focus on longer-term approaches including the value of implementing early intervention strategies to proactively reduce the incidence of loneliness later in life.

The third aim is the identification of key factors for transformation: Enabling good practices to achieve higher impact policies and integrate them into other sectors, such as health, education, and housing.

The KORALE project, led by the ADINBERRI Foundation, will officially hold its inaugural suite of workshops and initiatives in Donostia-San Sebastián in June 2024 with active participation from  Fingal County Council. This marks the beginning of an ambitious journey through various cities involved in the project, including the Basque country, Spain; Vienna in Austria; Lisbon in Portugal, Fingal, Ireland’ Aalst in Belguim and in the Central Region in Denmark.

All locations will address the prevention and tackling of loneliness into public policies to enable action to be taken to reduce and prevent social isolation among citizens of all ages.

The project’s launch is particularly timely for Fingal, as it is preparing its next Fingal Age Friendly Strategy 2025 to 2029. This strategy is at development stage and will be cognisant of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) eight themes, which include Social Participation, Respect and Social Inclusion, Community and Health.

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