Virtual Tour of St Doulagh’s Church

by Rose Barrett
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Virtual tours of St Doulagh’s Church are now available. Community Archaeology group Resurrecting Monuments working with the Friends of St Doulagh’s have joined with Lensman Photography to produce a cutting-edge virtual tour of the historic church in Balgriffen. The project is supported by Fingal County Council.

St Doulagh’s church is the oldest stone-roofed church still in use in Ireland, and dates back to the sixth century saint. It also comprises Ireland’s only surviving standalone octagonal baptistry, built over a holy well.

‘St Doulagh’s church is a difficult building to navigate except for the most physically abled visitors’ said Aidan Giblin, Chair of Resurrecting Monuments.

“The Virtual Tour will enable much wider access to the general public to this highly significant building. We hope this will be a portal not just for curious tourists but also be a platform for academics and students to further research the sites history and contribute to our knowledge of our past’.

Christine Baker, Fingal Heritage Officer, stated “It highlights how technology can contribute to the interpretation of important heritage sites.”

“This Virtual Access Tour will allow all to see that St Doulagh’s is not just an interesting archaeological monument with a fascinating history but is still an active place of worship as it was intended when founded almost 1500 years ago’ said Ken McAllister of the Friends of St Doulagh’s.

To access the Virtual tour go to

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