Fianna Fáil calls for total recount in Swords LEA nail-biting finish!

by Rose Barrett
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Swords seven seater continues to be a nail-biting finish for the remaining candidates still standing.

Dean Mulligan, (14C) Darragh Butler (FF), Luke Corkery (FG and the youngest candidate to stand for FG in Dublin) along with Joe Newman (Ind) were elected earlier today.

Fighting for the remaining three seats is Darren Kelly (Ind) who is expected to be elected but Marian Buckley (SF), James Humphries (Lab), Ann Graves (SF) and Brigid Manton of FF remain in the fight with Graves only three votes ahead of Manton!

While Manton’s vote was to be distributed as she was next to be eliminated, Fianna Fáil has called for a full recount from start to finish!

So far in the boxes re-opened for the recount, there are only two changed votes, neither of which affects either Graves or Manton’s tally.

Tensions are mounting at the count centre, as candidates have been there all day long and are all exhausted as are the count staff. Looks like a long night ahead.

If Manton’s vote is distributed, where will her votes fall and to which of the remaining candidates? Could the two SF female candidates steal a coup – or will James Humphries of Labour take one seat in the final hurrah??   

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