Fears of car part thefts at centres

by Gazette Reporter
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Westend retail park has issued a statement saying an alleged theft from a car parked at Westend did not actually take place there.
Cllr David McGuinness (Ind) has advised all shoppers in Blanchardstown to exercise caution when parking in shopping centres following an alleged incident in which parts were stolen from a woman’s car while she was parked at a busy shopping centre.
The woman said the incident happened on the morning of Saturday, January 2 while the woman was parked at Westend Retail Park beside Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.
The woman said that she left her car parked for around 15 minutes while she did some shopping, and returned to find that the front grille light and moulding had been removed from the car.
However, a spokesperson for Westend said she spoke with the owner of the car, and “based on the information she shared, we were quickly able to identify her car on our CCTV footage.
“The CCTV footage captures [her] entire journey from entering the car park. She parked directly outside Heatons, and there happened to be a camera locked on her car for the entire time.
“At no point does the footage show any suspect activity or interference with [the woman’s] vehicle during her short visit to Westend Shopping Park.”
After contacting gardai, the woman was informed that there had been a spate of similar incidents in the area, which gardai have attributed to criminal gangs stealing car parts to order at busy shopping centre car parks. Gardai have confirmed this and are investigating the incident.
Cllr McGuinness said: “Basically, there is some targeted theft from cars in [and around] the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre; they’re taking parts off cars.
“Given that there are thousands of cars parked there regularly, it would be worrying if it became a location for theft.”
He added that it was not his intention to spread fear, but if this was the case it will have a significant impact across Blanchardstown and the entire city.
A spokesperson for Westend Retail Park said that they were unaware of these parts to order theft schemes but that it is a worrying prospect.
They outlined the range of measures their security team employ to prevent, combat and deal with crime at their place of business: “In the event that a customer requires assistance, they can contact any member of staff in our stores and within a matter of minutes we will have an official Westend security representative on the scene to access the situation and assist.
“Our security teams will record details of the incident and cross-reference the details with the corresponding CCTV footage.
“Should the incident require Garda intervention, Westend security can than release the footage to the Garda to inform their investigation,” they said.

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