Fears 600 homes could go straight to landlord group

by Sylvia Pownall
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Concerns have been raised that a development of more than 600 units in west Dublin could be sold on for private rental – making zero impact on the housing list.

Garlandbrook Ltd has applied for permission to build 618 apartments on a site beside the Grand Canal and near the train station in Hansfield.

If the scheme worth more than €200 million gets the go-ahead, it will be made up of 10 apartment blocks up to seven storeys in height on a 12-acre site which forms part of the Hansfield Strategic Development Zone (SDZ).

However, concerns have been raised that the development could be sold on, as Garlandbrook last year entered a partnership with Ireland’s biggest private residential landlord, Iris Reit.

Cllr Tania Doyle (Ind) told Dublin Gazette: “They have a track record of selling on for 100% private rental with 0% for social or affordable housing.

“They’ve done it once already, so what’s to stop them doing the same thing again?”

Garlandbrook last year sold a 4.5-acre site with planning permission for 99 homes to property company Iris Reit in a deal reportedly worth €7 million.

Cllr Doyle said: “Clonsilla itself needs sustainable long-term development, and any observations made are in the clear knowledge that we remain in a housing crisis.

“I am concerned that a further agreement may be made between Garlandbrook and Ires Reit on this development within the Hansfield SDZ, which will effectively eliminate the ability to purchase a home for a swathe of the community.

“Yet again, they will be left to negotiate with landlords who will only work within high-end rent-rate structures.”

A separate planning application has been lodged by Dundrum Town Centre developer Joe O’Reilly for 155 units on another plot of land within the SDZ.

Cllr Doyle said meeting the needs of those priced out of the market should be a priority when it comes to SDZ land.

She added that she intends to write to Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy “calling on him to ensure that no such sale takes place and that the aims of the SDZ are community-led instead of developer-led”.

Figures for the first three months of the year show that councils delivered just 11% of their 2018 target for social housing between January and March.

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