Public submissions for Poddle river scheme due to open shortly

by Dublin Gazette
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Dublin City Council and South Dublin County Council have said that public submissions for the Poddle River Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) are due to open shortly.

This comes after several public consultations were held in various areas along the river, which runs through the council divide.

The River Poddle FAS has been in preliminary design since March 2018, with a proposed scheme finalised in September 2019.

The scheme is in response to the floods that occurred along the river Poddle in October 2011, and the loss of life following this flooding.

Speaking to Dublin Gazette, Gerry O’Connell from DCC’s Environment and Transportation Department said: “This scheme will protect around 1,000 buildings in a flood event. This has taken a while to get together, with the OPW funding it and giving advice.

“The OPW did a strategic study in 2014, with plans for about 3km of flood walls, but now we’re planning to have storage in Tymon Park up to 66,000 cubic meters, which will greatly reduce the amount of works that will be done elsewhere, including reducing the walls to about 1km.

“Works are planned mainly at Ravensdale Park and Martin’s Row beside Poddles Park.

“There are 27 trees planned to be removed for the scheme, which will all be replaced, and the number doubled.

“We are at a pre-planning stage, but we’ve had a large amount of consultations, we had seven public consultations to date which is a lot for before we go to planning.

“There will be no ‘straightening’ of the river; in fact, we’re putting more meanders in.

“Reaction to the scheme has been mainly positive, although there are a few negatives as there will be tree removal and some disturbance, but the vast majority is positive, particularly for those who have been flooded or nearly flooded in the past.”

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