Iconic Dublin farmers market under threat

Jeopardising the livelihoods of 23 stallholders and their families

by Rose Barrett
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Farmer with his pigs

The biggest farmers market in Dublin is under threat of closure. The Honest2goodness market in Slaney Close Glasnevin Industrial Estate in Dublin is the most popular farmers market in the region.

The market which is trading for 14 years is at the receiving end of a notice of termination. There are 23 stalls which sell their produce every Saturday to the people of this part of Dublin, including customers who travel from Meath , Louth and other neighbouring counties . There is everything from free range pork and organic vegetables and artisan baked goods, hand made desserts,  as well as home reared beef and lamb to mention a few. You could actually do a complete weekly food shop at this venue, and have the best local produce at your disposal at a very affordable price. However , this famous venue may be coming to an end.

The many traders all received an email stating the intention to terminate the market as and from January 8th 2024 . This came as a complete shock to the many stallholders who depend on this valuable source of income for their survival. There are at least 7 or 8 traders who have been attending this great market for more than 12 years or more.

In a statement this week, one stallholder told of the importance of this iconic market to them and his many colleagues. Peter Whelan of The Whole Hoggs free range pig farm in Slane Co Meath outlined to us how much this market means to his livelihood.

He stated:“ We have traded in this market since 2012. We first started when we lost a contract for running a dog pound at our farm in Slane. We were rearing rare breed pigs as a hobby but all of a sudden realised we had no income. This market became our biggest form of income and we have steadily built it up to be our weekly source to pay our mortgage and many other bills”.

Peter Whelan goes on to explain how much this threat means to him and his fellow stallholders in Glasnevin.

“ We have statutory rights, having traded at this venue for more than ten years. We also acknowledge the rights of any owner of a property of their rights. But for a person to issue you with an email giving you two months notice to leave your place of business in my mind is totally unreasonable. This market is not just important to traders . The people of Dublin who attended this venue every Saturday do so for more reasons than to purchase their weekly foods . They meet friends and neighbours and have a coffee and chat and maybe even a glass of wine”.

In conclusion , Peter Whelan says he has the following message for the people who have supported him and his fellow stallholders for  the past 14 years.

“ We will fight this right to the end . We want and need to continue to supply the great people of this region with quality home grown produce they deserve. We want the people of this region to contact their local elected representatives to voice their opinion in trying to keep this great community asset alive into the future”.

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