Traffic delays in Dublin as Gardai set up dozens of checkpoints

by Dublin Gazette
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There have been reports of huge tailbacks on some of Dublin’s roads, as An Garda Siochana set up checkpoints nationwide as part of Operation Fanacht.

The entire country was placed under Level 3 restrictions on the Government’s framework for Living with Covid-19 at midnight, with An Garda Siochana announcing the re-launch of Operation Fanacht yesterday.

The checkpoints are being set up nationwide as part of the operation, with several established in Dublin this morning, in an effort to clampdown on Covid-19 restrictions.

Gardai will monitor a series of stops on main routes, as well as in local towns and villages. People are being asked to remain in their own counties under the new restrictions, with 132 checkpoints established across the country.

Many have complained on social media that the unexpected tailbacks caused by the checkpoints this morning have caused people to be late to work or other vital appointments.

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