Esker boxing club weighs in behind inclusiveness

by Mark O'Brien
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ESKER Amateur Boxing Club have begun the launch of an initiative that would allow clubs and organisations to visibly demonstrate that they are welcoming to young LGBT people.
The club – which is run by Ed Griffin, Mick Kelly, Paschal Joyce and Eileen Toohey – are working on a logo that they have dubbed “OutStraight” that clubs can add to their own literature to show that they are welcoming to all.
Ed told The Gazette that the club hoped it would act as reassurance to young LGBT people that they would be warmly welcomed at the boxing club.
He said: “There’s nothing like it in the country. We just thought it would be a good thing to say we’re open to everybody.”
The club are currently in discussions with LGBT groups for young people and hope that they will back the idea.
Ed said that he hoped that once the boxing club used the logo, other clubs would follow suit.
“We’d hope that you would see rugby, soccer and GAA clubs [using it].”
Ed added that he thought LGBT sports clubs had done exceptional work in allowing young LGBT people to participate in sport, but he hoped that the OutStraight logo would send the message that all sports clubs were open to people, regardless of their sexual orientation.
“If some young kid is finding it hard to get into a club or are intimidated about coming into a club, it might be something above the door that they can look at and say, ‘At least when I go in there, they’ve thought about this issue and I know the door is open’,” he said.
As far as Esker Boxing Club is concerned, sporting prowess is all that they are concerned about.
“If they’re good at sport or they’re good at boxing, that’s all we care about,” Ed added.
The club hope to roll out the logo later this week, and hope to share it with any club across the country that would be interested in using it.
Ed said that he hoped it would send out the message that: “This is our club and it’s open to everybody.”

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