Donald Trump invited to Emigration Museum through open letter

by Dublin Gazette
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A Dublin based museum about emigration have published an open-letter to US President Donald Trump ahead of his visit to Ireland this week.

The letter appeared in the Clare Champion, the local newspaper to Doonbeg in Co. Clare, where Trump will visit this week and where his hotel and golf course is located.

The tongue in cheek idea came from EPIC – the Irish Emigration Museum, based in CHQ, extending an invitation to the US President to visit the attraction to learn about emigration.

Picture: EPIC museum

The letter details cases of Irish emigration into America over the years, and even references the migration of President Trump’s own family into the United States, including his wife Melania and his father.

It also discusses the contribution that Irish emigrants to America have made in the United States, from an Irish architect designing the White House to how Vice President of the USA, Mike Pence, is the grandson of an Irish immigrant.

A spokesperson for EPIC said: “We strongly believe [Trump’s] views on migration need to be changed and have invited him, through a full page open letter in the newspaper local to his Co Clare Golf Resort, to consider learning more in the hope he will at least consider changing his perspective, all in less time than it takes to play a round of golf.”

President Trump is expected to land at Shannon Airport on Wednesday as part of a trip to Ireland, France and the UK.

A ‘Stop Trump Ireland’ coalition will stage a protest at the Garden of Remembrance on Thursday evening, where over 30 different organisations are expected to take part.

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