On line eMagazine for dog lovers in Dublin

by Gazette Reporter
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 It’s zany, it’s zesty, it’s fun and it’s free.

A real treat, especially for Dublin lovers, in the form of dogs in dublin, a monthly eMagazine (www.dogsindublin.ie) which mixes all the craziness and joy which our canine friends bring into our lives with substance.

Launched in May, this colourful package taps into some of the feel-good stories about dogs – locally and elsewhere – which are scattered all over the Internet, newspapers and magazines – but   also deals with issues that affect all pet owners. 

The June edition, in the lively spread on vets, for example, looks at the cost of veterinary care both from the vet’s and the pet owner’s point of view.

Bernardine Cantwell

Bernardine Cantwell (59) who after leaving the bank in 2019 got two Boxer pups, this year bought into the idea of a then retired journalist, to create the eMagazine Dogs in Dublin . 

Walking them every day from Rathmines to the River Dodder and back she observed how the dogs create a fraternity among dog owners. “So many people around the streets of Dublin are willing to stop and tell you stories about their dogs. Other pet owners would love to hear those stories too. That is what inspired me to run with this platform where anyone with a story to tell or a point to make about dogs is welcome to contribute” she explains. 

Dogs – Kirsten and Karl.

The eMag’s range of material is really wide to include dog poems, breed features, training tips, dog friendly gardening, dog French, humour, the latest grooming gadgets and lots more.


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