Egan welcomes SF Bill to crack down on quads, scramblers

by Mark O'Brien
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CLLR Kenneth Egan (FG) has welcomed new legislation put forward by Sinn Fein which aims to clamp down on anti-social behaviour caused by quad and scrambler bikes.
Deputy Dessie Ellis moved the Bill in the Dail last week and said it was needed to give gardai powers to seize vehicles since there is a loophole in the law as it stands.
He said: “In many estates, you can see vehicles like quad, dirt bikes and scramblers repeatedly being used by some as young as four and five to intimidate and cause problems for the local community.
“Most people are responsible in their use of these vehicles, but, in some cases, they are used in an anti-social way to torment local communities and damage public property.
“The law as it stands prohibits their use on public roads unless fully insured and taxed, and the vehicles have to meet other regulatory requirements.
“There is a hole in the legislation which allows people who use these vehicles for anti-social behaviour to sidestep gardai in public spaces and avoid any penalties.
“This Bill will deal with the issue where these vehicles are being used illegally in private property such as parks and greens by extending the powers of the gardai by increasing the definition of the public space.”
Cllr Egan raised the issue with South Dublin County Council and called for its parks byelaws to be amended to give gardai powers to seize illegal quads and scramblers.
He welcomed the Sinn Fein Bill and said he hoped it receives the necessary support to be passed into legislation.

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