It’s a Fair old life for television extra Edward as he turns 90

by Dublin Gazette
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A man from Cork Street who began working as a television extra a year ago celebrated his 90th birthday on the Fair City set this week.

Edward Quinn, started working on Fair City through a year ago when his wife, Oonagh, sadly passed away.

Someone suggested working as an extra to him, saying it might be a way to keep himself busy and help with the loss. Now, Edward is a regular on the show and has been on set nearly every two weeks, featuring in scenes all over Carrigstown.

Edward, who grew up on Cork Street and now lives in Goatstown, told Dublin Gazette: “It is fantastic to be involved in Fair City and experience something I have been watching for the last 30 years.

“It was my son, Derek, that suggested to me to get involved with, which is his company. They supply the extras for advertisements and television and that sort of thing, so it’s been great to get involved with, they’re always looking for people to get involved.”

“I go to the set every fortnight, and it’s a great day out, if nothing else. You get to see how the set works and I get to meet all the cast who are extremely nice people, I thoroughly enjoy taking part in it.

“Sometimes they won’t need me and that’s alright, but most of the time they would. A lot of scenes in soaps now-a-days are in pubs and cafes and things like that, so that’s usually where I’d find myself sitting around in the background. I feel like I am part of the Fair City family, I’ve made some great friends and it’s all quite exciting.”

Recently, Edward’s brother Vincent, who is 83, was visiting him from London, and got the opportunity to join him on the Fair City set.

“It was quite unexpected! My brother was over from London and he was absolutely delighted about it! It was absolutely unexpected, and the next thing he knew he was on television, he loved it as well!”

Derek said that he will continue to go to the set as long as he is needed, thoroughly enjoying the time that he spends on set and getting to see himself in the background of one of his favourite soaps.

“I thought at 89 when my wife sadly passed, there would not have been much for me to do but I now have a new lease of life being an extra, which is great fun and can suit anybody at any stage of their life. I’m only sorry I didn’t do this decades ago. I am still waiting for them to offer me a leading part on the soap!”

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