€600k bill to replace park wall destroyed by joyriders

by Sylvia Pownall
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A WALL to block joyriders’ access to St Cuthbert’s Park in Clondalkin could cost as much as €600,000, the council has revealed.
The 1.5km boundary wall to Bawnogue Park needs rebuilding as a result of cars being driven over it on planks of wood and burnt out on the green space. SDCC says replacing it with a cast concrete wall is the best option, but it estimates the cost at between €500,000 and €600,000.
Cllr Mark Wall (SF) said: “The estimate might seem extreme but if that’s the cost to secure the park I will be pursuing this.
“I may be criticised that the money would be better off spent on housing for example, but that is a totally different budget.”
A task force has been set up to deal with issues in the park and a subgroup of residents wants the wall raised or rebuilt.
Residents have been plagued by joyriders who either use planks to breach the wall or in some cases flip cars over it.
A report from South Dublin County Council notes that there are “significant gaps” in the wall at areas “that are being dumped on or areas that have been vandalised”.
It adds: “The existing solid block wall has not provided adequate security over the years” but while a new wall is “the most robust option” at €500-€600k it “would be extremely costly and may in fact be prohibitive”.
Cllr Ward said: “If the council are serious about reclaiming the park in light of the 63 proposed new builds [rapid social housing units] in the park then they should support this too.
“I will pursue funding for this at the next budget meeting in September.”
Meanwhile, the newly-established Friends of St Cuthbert’s Park will hold a community fete in the park on Saturday July 22 from 12-6pm.
The afternoon of family entertainment includes live music, kiddies’ disco, face painting, a dog show and a fun fitness bootcamp.
See their Facebook page for more details.

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