€1.5m boost to deal with trafffic

by Ian Begley
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A total of €1.5m has been allocated for major traffic and cycle lane improvements in Clondalkin, Lucan and Palmerstown.
This National Transport Authority (NTA) funding to South Dublin County Council is expected to lead to major improvements in traffic and greater options for cyclists and pedestrians.
€500,000 will go towards the Willsbrook Road, which will include widening of the road to create two formal lanes approaching the Outer Ring Road traffic lights.
€300,000 will be allocated to complete the Palmerstown cycle paths and €300,000 will go towards the design of improvements at the N4 junctions in Lucan.
It was also announced that €250,000 is being provided for Newcastle Road traffic and safety works, although the exact nature of works has yet to be decided upon by South Dublin County Council.
Furthermore, an allocation of €150,000 for footpath and cycle path improvement will be provided at Monastery Road Clondalkin; and an allocation (amount not yet confirmed) for the Tallaght to Liffey Valley cycle scheme.
Welcoming this announcement, Minister Frances Fitzgerald said: “I believe this very important national funding provided to the council will greatly enhance the quality of life of local residents and families, improving traffic and providing greater options for cyclists and pedestrians alike.
“This welcome news is the result of many months of hard work at local and national level.
“I have been working closely with councillor William Lavelle (FG) who first proposed the widening of the road at Willsbrook.
“As a local TD, I am very aware of the ongoing traffic delays at Willsbrook Road and the Outer Ring Road.
“I am therefore very pleased to confirm that €300,000 has been allocated for completion of Phase 2 of the Willsbrook Cycle scheme, which is currently under construction.
“Phase 2, when completed, will hopefully result in more children walking and cycling to school, leading to less short-trip car journeys.
“In addition, €200,000 has been allocated for the commencement of Phase 2 of the Willsbrook Cycle scheme, which will include the widening of road to create two formal lanes approaching outer ring road traffic lights,” said Minister Fitzgerald. “A total of €600,000 has been provided for the N4 cycle upgrade project.
“I am advised that €300,000 of this is being provided to complete the provision of cycle paths in Palmerstown, with the remaining €300,000 being provided for the design of improvements at N4 junctions in Lucan.
“Part of this involves an examination and preparation of designs to improve the effectiveness of the Woodies junction.
“I know that many Lucan residents would greatly welcome improvements in this area,” she said.
Cllr Lavelle also commented on this announcement, saying: “I wish to thank Minister Fitzgerald for her active support in securing funding for Willsbrook Road.
“When all works are completed I hope we will see an overall improvement in terms of both traffic flow and road safety at Willsbrook Road.”

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