Breakthrough in tackling Luas stop litter blackspot

by Rebecca Ryan
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There’s been a breakthrough in tackling a litter blackspot at Dundrum Luas stop.

Last month, Dublin Gazette reported that commuters at the station were greeted with a large pile of litter thrown over the railings.

Local Councillor Lettie Mc Carthy (LAB) said the “eye sore” creates a very poor impression of the area and called for an immediate clean-up of the site.

She said: “I have written to Luas asking for a bin to be installed further down on the platform and written to DLR on several occasions asking for the site owner to clean the area up.

“Apparently, no one knows who owns or is responsible for this piece of land.”

Since then, Dublin Gazette found out that the site belongs to the Eir Estate, who were glad to hear of the issue being brought to their attention.

They confirmed that they have arranged for industrial cleaners to clean the area and that they will liaise with Luas facilities to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

Cllr Lettie Mc Carthy said she is delighted with the outcome. “Thanks to Dublin Gazette, it is now established the area in question is part of the eir estate.

“I am delighted to hear they have arranged for industrial cleaners to clean their site and arrange for a litter pick.

“It is also good to hear eir will liaise with Luas facilities to see if preventive measures can be put in place to prevent further littering of this area.

“I had offers from members of the public to get involved with a litter pick, but it’s not easy to access.

“This eyesore is in full view of eir staff and Dundrum Luas users everyday which can create a negativity that we really don’t need in our daily lives.”

In response to working with Eir to come up with preventive solutions to the litter problem, a spokesperson for Transdev told Dublin Gazette: “As you have rightly said, the land belongs to Eir and our understanding is that they are working on clearing the area.”

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