Attack on Dundrum FC condemned as ‘mindless act of vandalism’

by Rebecca Ryan
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Anti-social behaviour in Dundrum has been strongly condemned, after Dundrum FC’s pitches were set on fire over the weekend.

Last Friday, the football club reported that two of their pitches were set alight in the space of one week and the pitches are now unplayable. 

They said: “It’s difficult enough to get matches played at the moment with the poor weather/soft pitches, this mindless action certainly doesn’t help.

“The only people that suffer here are our young players, that’s two pitches in one week set alight and those pitches now are unplayable until the appraiser repairs can be carried out.

“Matches will have to be cancelled; young players will be disappointed and saddened that they can’t play their games.”

Local councillor, Sean McLoughlin (NP) told Dublin Gazette this is an ongoing issue in the area and condemned the “mindless act of vandalism.”

“This is very disappointing news for Dundrum FC, and everyone who volunteers tirelessly to provide a football outlet for children and young adults in the area.

“The kids and young adults are the ones who suffer in these situations and will miss out on their matches due to this mindless act of vandalism by a minority of anti-social elements.

“This is an ongoing issue in Meadowbrook Park and further afield, it must be condemned.

“Furthermore, we need to see a bigger effort to engage local teenagers with the various services and activities that are available to them in their local area. Not just in Meadowbrook, but across the county.”

Locals are outraged and many labelling the attack as “disgraceful” with others calling for cameras to be set up at the facility.

One wrote: “No respect for community, the kids or people who give their time to run a football club.” While another wrote: “Need cameras, they’re cheap enough nowadays. Good luck going forward…”

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