Outrage over Dundrum pitch destroyed by ‘mindless’ joyriders

by Rebecca Ryan
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There is outrage over joyriders “destroying” the pitches at Rosemount Football Club, in Dundrum.

Photos emerged online recently of the pitches destroyed by tyre tracks. The news comes as other playing pitches in the county have faced similar attacks of anti-social behaviour.

In November, two of Dundrum Football Club’s pitches were set fire to in the space of one week, which deemed the pitches unplayable.

Also, Sallynoggin Pearse Football Club was broken into in September, with their equipment and brand-new kits set fire to, causing thousands of euro work of damage.

Speaking after the recent attack at Rosemount FC, local councillor, Sean McLoughlin (NP) told Dublin Gazette that these incidents are carried out by “mindless people” who have “no respect for their community.”

“Unfortunately, communities that see incidents such as joy riding on pitches, burning of wheelie bins and cars, and damage to goal posts are generally carried out by small groups of mindless people that have no respect for their community at all.

“The same mindless people who have relatives and neighbours playing with their local football clubs which they chose to destroy, it’s their own that suffer from their actions.

“In relation to the negative incidents that took place at both mentioned football clubs recently, it goes to show how all the hard work and effort from volunteers can be undone so easily.”

Locals were furious about the news of Rosemount FC’s pitches, with others highlighting more similar incidents in their area.

One said: “Same up in Meadowbrook pitches some had fire in middle of pitch,” while another said: “Happened up in Coolock as well.”

Cllr McLoughlin suggested that greater attention to connect with youths in the area is needed to combat the issue.

“A bigger and better effort needs to be made to engage positively with youths who are involved in anti-social behaviour today, so that their younger siblings don’t grow up following in their footsteps.

“I am calling on all relevant agencies to increase their efforts to link in and engage with youths and teenagers in 2020. Furthermore, I would like to see Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council promote the many activities, services and facilities that are available to this target group and encourage an increase in participation in 2020.”

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