Finglas residents ‘sick’ of level of dumping and lack of clean up

by Dublin Gazette
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Residents in Finglas have said that the level of dumping and rubbish on the streets ‘makes them sick’, alleging that there’s no urgency to clean the locale up by Dublin City Council.

Those living in the area have mentioned that there are several litter black spots in the suburb, but now rubbish is also being dumped outside people’s homes also.

One woman shared images of the dumping of several household items and waste outside a home on Dunsink Drive last week, saying that this is an incident happening ‘every other day’ and is getting out of hand.

Residents have called for more bins to be installed in the area, as well as CCTV to try and capture those responsible for the dumping in the area.

Many are concerned that the levels of rubbish being deposited on the streets will attract rats and similar vermin to the area, particularly as they aren’t being cleaned up for two to three days, or sometimes even longer.

A resident said that there has been consistent dumping outside her home for several months, but when she contacted DCC to come and clean up the rubbish, she was allegedly told that the council ‘don’t have the manpower’.

She also said that someone else had seemingly dumped their rubbish in her bin, something that other locals echoed had happened to them.

In a statement to Dublin Gazette, a spokesperson for DCC said that they aim to tackle dumping on an ‘ongoing’ basis, and that street cleaning is also carried out regularly, particularly in areas ‘with known issues’.

“Initiatives to tackle littering and dumping within Dublin City are undertaken on an ongoing basis that include investigations of dumped waste, investigations of household waste management arrangements and the use of cctv to prevent, deter and detect offences.

“Street cleaning and removal of dumping is carried out on an ongoing basis and areas with known issues are the focus of specific resource allocation.

“Local actions are undertaken including the engagement of local schools in anti- litter programmes and the provision of environmental initiatives through the Community Environment Action Fund.

“Greening of areas that have been subjected to dumping have also taken place as part of efforts to enhance local areas under the Anti-Dumping Initiative.

“Local communities are supported and empowered to improve their areas and are engaged in and successful in the Dublin City Neighbourhoods Awards scheme,” a spokesperson said.

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