Dubliners Leap to help support Tony McGregor after his Dart experience

by Dublin Gazette
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After a video by Conor McGregor’s father, Tony McGregor, went viral last weekend, an online fundraiser was set up for him to, well, get a Leap Card.

Tony McGregor made waves on social media over the weekend after posting a video of himself complaining about how he had nowhere to put the ‘coinage’ given to him as change for a “crisp €20 note” by a ticket machine.

He was getting the DART, but was less than impressed with the €17.30 he got in change.

He purchased a “measly one-way ticket” from Grand Canal to Dun Laoghaire when the debacle happened, with McGregor angered that he had nowhere to put the assortment of coins in his “slim-fit Hugo Boss suit”.

The video sparked several humorous responses across Twitter and Facebook, with many people unsure whether or not the MMA-turned-boxer’s dad was joking or not about the whole thing.

“Did Conor McGregor’s da make that video just to tell people about the suit his son’s money paid for?” one Twitter user asked.

Another suggested that there should be change in Tony McGregor’s future, too: “I hope there’s a campaign set up that will enforce people to only give Tony McGregor coinage, no matter his change.”

In the wake of the memes that appeared across the internet, a GoFundMe account was set up to help Tony McGregor avoid ever having to struggle with ‘coinage’ again.

Started by comedian Emma Doran, the GoFundMe reached its €20 target in a day, with one donation even coming from Tony’s own son, Conor (or a jokester behind a fake account), who encouraged ‘his’ da to “take [his] bleedin’ lambo next time” rather than the DART.

Whether or not Tony will get the DART again is to be seen, but hopefully he enjoys his shiny new Leap card!

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