Dubliners end 2023 with vigil for Palestine

by Gazette Reporter
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Hundreds of people gathered on Dublin’s Ha’penny Bridge on December 31 in a vigil held in solidarity with Palestine.

Attendees carried Palestinian flags and banners expressing support for the country and demanding a ceasefire in Gaza. 

Since the conflict began on October 7, Al Jazeera reports that 21,978 people have been killed and 57,697 injured in Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Fingal councillor John Burtchaell, who attended the December 31 vigil, said he applauded people attempting to help the Palestinian people, despite the governments of the west “backing this genocide disgracefully.”

“They need to be brought to heel by the mass of the people who are opposed to this crime against humanity,” he said.

Israel has come under increased criticism for its continued attacks on Palestine, as an estimated 85 per cent of the Gaza population has been displace by its military since October.

Dozens of vigils also took place across the country on the last day of the year to both display solidarity with Palestine and to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

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