3,000 hotel rooms on the way for Dublin City before the end of the year

by Dublin Gazette
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A staggering 3,000 hotel rooms are set to be built in the capital by the end of 2018, with more planned in the coming months.

So far in 2018, there have been 15 hotels granted planning permission, with 1,401 bedrooms approved for the city centre as a result.

There are also 33 hotel projects currently in development within the Dublin City Council area that are expected to be completed between this year and 2020, creating 2,425 hotel rooms.

The statistics come from Construction Information Services, who were looking at a surge in construction activity within the hospitality sector, focusing on Dublin city.

On average, a hotel room in Dublin can cost upwards of €100 a night on Booking.com, with prices surging around major events in the capital such as GAA finals, major concerts and more.

For a three-star hotel room during the Pope’s visit this weekend, hotels average from upwards of €228 for a two-night stay for a hotel 2.5km outside the city.

A one-night stay in Dublin following the All-Ireland Final in Croke Park will cost €114 for two adults (at the time of print).

Some of the city’s best-known institutions are being demolished to make room for more hotels, with the news that Dorset Street’s iconic pub, The Big Tree, set to shutter its doors later this year to make room for a 140-bedroom hotel.

In addition to the rooms already planned for Dublin, plans for a further 1,560 rooms have been submitted to Dublin City Council across 20 developments so far in 2018.

Another 11 developments are currently at a tender or contract award stage, with 1,478 bedrooms expected – out of these, there’s hope 982 will begin construction before the end of 2018.

On social media, some people have made light of the number of hotels being built in Dublin. One such Twitter user, Kyle, said: “I can’t wait until Dublin is literally one massive hotel.”

Another user, Meg, also remarked on the glut of rooms, saying that upon arriving in Dublin she could “feel herself turning into a hotel”.

However, despite such comic relief, others have criticised that despite the vast amount of permissions given for hotel rooms within the city centre, Dublin City Council did not build any social housing within the first quarter of the year.

On Twitter, writer Una Mulally said: “Everyone should consider the fact that there are 79 hotels being built in Dublin while Dublin City Council did not build a single unit of social housing in the first quarter of 2018.”

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