Dublin: Home to Ireland’s Biggest Heart-Throbs

by Dublin Gazette
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Ahead of Valentine’s Day, hotel group Jury’s Inn have revealed that Dublin city really is where the girls are so pretty.

According to the research, 27% of people voted Dublin’s ladies the most attractive in Ireland. Men from Dublin are also in high demand, with 28% of voters finding them most handsome out of all 32 counties.

Over 1,000 people across Ireland were surveyed, with one in five believing that Dubliners are also the best people to propose to. The Dub accent didn’t rate so high though, with 37% of those surveyed finding Donegal to have the most attractive accent – Dublin came in at 12% in comparison.

Jury’s Inn have surveyed Ireland ahead of Valentine’s Day to find what we love most.


On an international scale, the Irish still believe that French is the true language of love; 24% of people said the French accent is the most attractive, followed by Australia (18%) and Italians (17%). However, it’s Italians that Irish women find themselves most attracted to physically, with 29% claiming Italian men are the best looking. The most beautiful women were voted as being from Scandinavia (33%), with Italian women falling behind their male counterparts at 19%.


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