COP28 Deal Doesn’t Go Far Enough – Fuels for Ireland

by Rachel Cunningham
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The CEO of fuels for Ireland has criticised the agreement signed last week, at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, claiming that the finished text fails to go far enough.

This comment came in reaction to the outcome of COP28, where for the first time in 28 years of international climate discussions, almost every country agreed to make the transition “away from fossil fuels.”

“There is no doubt that fossil fuels need to be phased out. Fuels for Ireland published our plan four years ago calling for this phase out,” aid Kevin McPartlan, CEO of fuels for Ireland.

“The agreement, unfortunately, lacks the ambition and specificity of our plan. There needs to be a focus on the transition between where the world is now and how we are going to get to zero emissions.

“Low-carbon liquid fuels from advanced, synthetic and biological feedstocks are already part of Ireland’s energy-mix and must be supported to grow exponentially in parallel with investment in ultra-fastcharging on forecourts for electric vehicles.

The Doha agreement should have gone further, Fuels for Ireland members will do so.”

Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications Eamon Ryan described the deal as historic but not perfect.

 “But had we not got an agreement and delivered this package together, then that would have been a critically sad and difficult day for the world,” the Green Party leader told RTÉ;’s Morning Ireland.

“At the centre, it also says it’s not just about transitioning away from fossil fuels, it’s also about building a new, renewable and energy efficient future, and critically changing the entire financial architecture in the world to make that happen everywhere in the world.”

Representatives from across the globe have been outspoken in their disappointment regarding the lack of a clear call for a fossil-fuel “phase-out”, which is believed to be necessary to ensure the global temperature stays below 1.5C.

The agreement has also come under fire for the “litany of loopholes” within its text, which may enable the continued production and consumption of coal, oil and gas. 

Members of Fuels for Ireland include Applegreen, Certa, Circle K, Greenergy, Irving Oil, LCC, Maxol, Top Oil and Valero.


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