DSPCA opens Pet Memorial Garden in Rathfarnham

by Rose Barrett
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The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) has opened its unique Pet Memorial Garden, the first of its scale in Ireland. Located on the grounds of the DSPCA Centre in Rathfarnham, Dublin, the garden was formally opened earlier this week and will is now open to the public.

The garden is a reflective and dedicated space for people who wish to honour the memory of a beloved pet whom they have loved and lost. 

“By dedicating a memorial tree, bench or plaque, pet owners can do something positive from their grief by contributing to the development of the garden,” said the DSPCA.

Buy a plaque to remember a loved animal, and you’ll be supporting the work of animal rescue services

“The garden is designed to welcome everyone to remember beloved pet companions and the love they shared. By contributing to the development of the garden, supporters are helping pay their love forward with all monies raised helping the DSPCA to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome sick, injured, and cruelly treated animals.”

Established in 1840, the DSPCA is Ireland’s largest animal welfare charity, its mission is to make it socially unacceptable to mistreat any animal. Construction on the Memorial Garden began in early 2021, and was largely funded by the legacies of animal lovers. The large space is set on almost 2 acres of peace and tranquillity where visitors are invited to take time to reflect at one of the many specially crafted sites. Sculptures and artwork have been created by local artists including Richie Clarke, Laura Steerman and Jackie Ball.

Pat Watt, DSPCA CEO commented: “For almost two centuries, the DSPCA has played a vital role in Irish communities, rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming sick, injured, and cruelly treated animals. We understand the importance of pets in the lives of those who love them, and so, we are delighted to open our first Pet Memorial Garden as a meaningful way to honour their memory.

“The garden is not a place to lay pets to rest, instead, we’ve created a peaceful place for our patrons and animal lovers to remember their precious pets while at the same time help the DSPCA tackle the challenges of these difficult times. The garden is a beautiful way to celebrate the life of their pets while supporting essential animal rescue efforts. Like all charities, the DSPCA is seeing an increased cost of day-to-day operations so all support at this vital time has positive impact on the animals in our care.”

Pics: Lorraine O’Sullivan

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