Off duty Garda rescues abandoned kitten in Dublin

by Dublin Gazette
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A Garda on her way to work in Dundrum last Saturday has received praise across social media, after she went above and beyond to save an abandoned kitten.

Garda Carol Corrigan was on her way to work at 6am last Saturday, when she heard the faint sound of a kitten crying.

Upon further inspection, Garda Corrigan discovered a kitten at the bottom of a skip-bin outside of an apartment complex.

The kitten was faintly crying for help, and was barely able to breathe when Garda Corrigan discovered him. She could not reach inside the large skip-bin, so instead had to try and tip the bin toward her enough to be able to rescue the kitten from the filthy, stinky bin.

When Garda Corrigan found the kitten, he had stopped breathing and the situation looked dire. However, she managed to get the kitten home and to bring him back to life by giving him a warm bath, wrapping him in towels and blankets before bringing him to the DSPCA shelter in Rathfarnham.

The DSPCA posted of Garda Corrigan’s heroic move on their Facebook page, where the post has been shared over 150 times with people showing their support for the Garda.

“That’s one lucky kitty,” wrote one person, while another said: “Huge respect for that lady, a real professional caring about all living!”

The kitten has now been named Skippy, is now on medication at the DSPCA shelter and doing very well.

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